Mi Escuelita
Spanish Immersion preschool
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Who are we??
We are a play-based program with a 100% Spanish immersion learning experience. An environment with a unique character where children can learn by playing in projects from conception to creation and materialization.

Enrollment Options
Full time
5 days a week attendance 
Your children will not miss out on any of the fun here at 
Mi Escuelita. Hang out with us all week and get the full immersion experience. 
Part time 
2 or 3 days per week attendance 
Whether you choose a full or a partial day schedule, your child will be immerse 100% of the time in the Spanish language from native Spanish speaker teachers and staff.
Why a language immersion program for my child?
Our society, beautifully diverse, is filled with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures around the world. The decision to enroll your child in a language immersion preschool is one of those long lasting gifts that will provide them a useful communication tool to navigate with confidence in an ever-changing world. 
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