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Meet Our Teachers

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Dalila Bernal

Mi Escuelita's CEO

Dalila is Mi Escuelita’s CEO. She graduated as a teacher in her native country of Colombia where she worked in preschool and elementary schools for over 22 years before moving to the US.  At the Secretary of Education of Bogotá, Dalila lead her team to create children libraries at schools in under-served municipalities of the city.

Patty Robledo

Teacher Patty has been a preschool teacher for over four years before joining Mi Escuelita's team. She shows a true love for teaching and cuddling children and is able to build an emotional connection that allows the children's smooth adjustment to our program. Born in Mexico, teacher Patty enjoys outdoor activities specially going camping and watching movies at the auto-cinema with her 16 years old girl and her husband.

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It’s never to early to save your child’s spot for 2021 – 2022

What Parents Say

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“My children have been at Mi Escuelita for 7 months now and they both love it. They are able to play and be children while also learning Spanish! I love to hear them speak Spanish with their teachers or friends.”

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